Who will Drive the 7 SPM Car in 2018

Now that what most of us expected regarding Mikhail Aleshin leaving SPM, the real question becomes who will drive the number 7 car next year? With James Hinchcliffe also up for contract there could be many options that could potentially play out.
First option would be Sage Karem. Currently a free agent and would be a cheap option with potential upside of being a star. The Problem? Sage also like Aleshin also wrecked the car alot so would it be a good move.

Another driver who I think would most likely go to SPM would be that of Tony Kannan. TK already stated he wants to be back, however, Chip Ganassi Racing does not likely have enough sponsorship to keep him. TK if he could get a sponsor I think would preform really well at SPM and maybe even give Hinch some help. Look for this option to likely carry out.

Another driver who could drive the 7 car next year would be Orial Servia. He already has a bit of an upper hand with testing the new Honda’s out. Look for Servia to be in contention for the open 7 car.
Conor Daly would also be a good fit if he is not with Foyt next year. Hinch and Daly are great friends and that chemistry could play well for the SPM cars. Look for this to be a good option for next year.

The winner of the IndyLights Championship could also play a huge factor in who drives the 7 car. The winner gets a scholarship to the Indycar series and that money could help fund the 7 car. This could play out as  a likely affordable option for SPM.

With the Silly Driver swaps about to happen, who know what SPM will do. I think it is safe to say they will have quality driver to drive the number 7 car next year.

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