Indycar could try and get Gordon to race at Indy?

With Jeff Gordon’s final laps in his NASCAR career and his last NASCAR Championship on the line Gordon will have some free time on his hand. Maybe Gordon would considered racing in the Verizon Indycar Series or maybe the 100th Indianapolis 500. If the Indycar Series could get Gordon to race in the Indianapolis 500 mile race it would be amazing for the Indycar Series and make the 100th race that much more special.

“Would I have liked to at least run one Indianapolis 500, knowing what it’s like? Sure,” Gordon said after an interview after this year’s Indy 500. “I have my wife and kids here. I want them to see how fast these cars go through the corners. I want them to see at least a few laps.”

“I accomplished more than I ever hoped to in racing, but one thing that eluded me that we pursued — my dad, my mom and myself — was getting a chance to race the Indianapolis 500,” Gordon said but then said” And I’ve said before, winning the inaugural Brickyard 400 fulfilled that dream.”

Gordon an Indiana native from Pittsboro, Gordon could possibly be convinced to race in the Indy 500. But it would have to be a perfect scenario. With Gordon racing his entire career with Chevy he would have to race with a Chevy team. Luckily with Chevy is one of the manufacturers in the Indycar Series. Chevy gives Indycar fans that want to see Gordon run in the Indianapolis 500 a better shot. They may even try and convince Gordon to race in it next year.

Gordon would also need a strong ride. I do not think he would race on a smaller team. He does not want to waste his time. But with Target Chip Ganassi Racing and Team Penske both in the Chevy Camp. Gordon may consider running. Both are great organizations who also have ties in NASCAR. Penske has the best shot at getting Gordon but we shall see where he wants to go if he runs.

“I went to several IndyCar races to be introduced to car owners and drivers and tried to get in my foot there. NASCAR was meant to be for me. It just was. I knocked on a lot of doors. It didn’t happen with IndyCar. I went down south, and things started to happen.” Gordon said when talking about racing in Indycar.

It looks like Gordon will not race in the Indycar series from what he is saying. HOWEVER, Jeff Gordon is still a race car driver and when he retires from racing does not mean he will be done forever. That itch to race will still be there and he may want to scratch it. I believe (especially if Gordon wins the Championship Sunday) that he will not race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series again. It is really competitive and you have to have a team race every week to have a great chance at winning. Indycar on the other hand is still very competitive but driver skill and communication is more important. So it can be easier to jump in and preform. I think if Gordon races again it would be in Indycars either for the Indianapolis 500 or part time for fun when he can.

We shall see if Gordon shall race in the Indycars even if it is just a race, but as a Jeff Gordon fan I hope so. Since I can remember Jeff Gordon has been in racing and my favorite driver. Gordon will be starting 5th Sunday at Homestead Miami Speedway and I wish him the best of luck Sunday and in retirement.

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