Danica Patrick Getting Set to Start the Danica Double

Danica Patrick took her first laps of the Danica Double this week. The question is how well will she do at both? Could she possibly win both? What happens if she does win?

Danica getting ready to take laps at Daytona for Premium Motorsports.

Now for Indycar there is two parts of the equation. One who will Danica Patrick drive for for the Indianapolis 500 and two how will she do. 

The where Patrick drive is starting to potentially coming around. Reports are going around is that Ed Carpenter Racing will be the landing spot for Danica Patrick to race in the 500. Having GoDaddy helps out alot getting a ride but she could also go to a few other places like Dryer and Reinbold. However, It looks like Ed Carpenter Racing will likely be the place Patrick goes. 

Now lets say Patrick goes to Ed Carpenter Racing. I think Patrick has as good as anyone to win the Indianapolis 500. Ed Carpenter Racing always does well at the 500, winning the pole two years in a row and always being fast on ovals. The team as a whole should contend for a 500 win. There also is the fact that Verizon Indycar Series has a new car that everyone is trying to learn. This will help Danica  ease back into Indycar.  Everyone is going to be on the same page for the oval.

Now if she wins there will be a real question on whether she will race again? If she wins the Daytona 500. she might go to repeat the following year, but I do not think that will be the case. I think she wants to go out on her terms in NASCAR.

However in Indycar… Could she race more?? It is hard to keep the race out of the racecar driver just look at drivers like Micheal Andretti, Al Unser Jr., Davey Hamilton, John Andretti, Sarah Fisher and Buddy Lazier. They all are retired but still raced the Indianapolis 500 from time to time (or some cases still). If Danica Patrick were to somehow win the Indianapolis 500 she would I assume would be back for the Indianapolis 500 next year. Even if she does not win she could still race again the in the Indianapolis 500. Whatever Patrick decides she has had an impact in racing. Maybe not the career that she would have liked, but an impact on women in racing. Like Sarah Fisher, Janet Guthrie, Lyn St. James and more. Some people looked up to Patrick, others loved her, others hated her. That will be the topic of discussion for the upcoming months, however whether you love her or hate her she will most likely be driving and has had an impact on the sport we have not seen before.